Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Etude House Proof 10 Makeup Fixer Review

This is going to be a review on Etude House’s Proof 10 Makeup Fixer.
“Etude House’s Proof 10 Makeup Fixer contains oil absorbent powder and Baby Brier Extract to curb facial oil and shine while Alpine Glacial Water and Aloe Vera supplies minerals and moisture to the face.”
So basically this product fights oil and shine throughout the whole day. This product is perfect for people with oily skin since with just one spritz, your face will look fresh and mattified.
In the video review (embedded down below) you will be able to see me use the product itself and see the effects of this makeup fixer.
Let’s breeze through its pros:
  1. Easy to apply
  2. Visibly reduces oil and shine on the face (especially the T-zone) in just a few seconds
  3. Perfect mate for people with oily skin
  4. Makes your makeup look more fresh
  5. Lightweight and compact
Now for the cons:
  1. You may have to hold your breath when you spray since the scent can harsh to the nose
This product only costs PHP 348.00.
Available in all leading Etude House branches, unless out of stock.
I recommend everyone to try this product out especially my readers from the Philippines since it tends to become really hot and humid in our country.
I give this product 9.5 out of 10 stars. It’s totally worth trying and I' honestly see myself using this for the next months.
Watch the review here: (video review pending)


  1. Like the review ^_^ will also try this when I drop by Etude House next time ^^

  2. love the hair. :) nice review. would check this out too :) I never tried using any spray for my makeup. Namamahalan kc ako. LOL

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    Misskatv's Birthday Sigma Brush Giveaway

    xoxo, Kat :)

  3. hmm, thanks for the review say! i might try this since i have really oily t-zone :)

  4. i super need this, i have oily skin especially now that it's summer!! thanks for the review say, will wait for the vid :)

  5. oh I want to try this as well. at first I thought it was a face primer...di pala..hehe

  6. You're a biased person who ignores people if they don't look like you. You are disappointing. Your looks are wasted on someone so ugly on the inside. I hope you change for the better.

  7. You won't regret it Photoescape! :)
    MissKatV if you're not the oily type, you won't need it naman. :) Or oil blotting papers will do din naman. :)
    Hi Lora! No problem! :) Hope you get to use it!
    T, thanks for being so honest! And for reading my blog as well.

  8. hhhmmmm...i'll give this a try soon after i finish my bottle of evian spray. :)

  9. by the way, do you use this before or after applying foundation,concealer and powder? :)

    p.s. please do follow my blog :)

  10. I've been following you blog eversince! :) And you use this hours after makeup application. When you see your Tzone become oily.

  11. thanks for the review say,,
    i've been searching for some reviews of this product for sometime now,, the s.a from eh alabang texted me about this kc I was asking her if available nb to here in the ph..buti nman meron kna pala,,, I've been using skindinavia's finishing spray and hell its pricey.. this is a really good alternative pla,, nice,, thanks tlga girl.. ^^will buy it soon,.. u have oily skin din db? have u tried it before and after ur make up? thats how I do it kc eh..

  12. I don't have oily skin, Dandajae. I use it hours after makeup application. :)

  13. I see... I followed u on my other blog too.. I have 2 accounts.. long story... hahha... do check it out too,, ^^ its me jae fernandez(dandajae)