Thursday, May 26, 2011

Defy Skin Dehydration! (Neutrogena Challenge)

Hello ladies! So I want to take you along with me in this challenge that is part of the Neutrogena Giveaway that I recently announced. What we’re basically going to do is:
For five (5) consecutive days, we’ll be observing if we will be doing any of the skin dehydrating activities listed on scale.06-Brochure
  1. Drinking coffee
  2. Staying in an air conditioned room
  3. Skipping meals
  4. Stressing over work
  5. Prolonged sun exposure
  6. Hanging out in coffee shops
  7. Skimping on sleep
I will be updating religiously about those (5) days and I am inviting you to join in the challenge!
I received a couple of wrong entries earlier, so I decided to create a form for you guys to fill out instead. (edited: 5/26/11)
P.S. One lucky challenge taker shall be rewarded when the challenge is over.


  1. i do it all except 1.drinking coffee and 6.hanging out in coffee shops.. i go to the beach like once every 2 weeks..

  2. Hi Cherrey, you have to observe yourself for (5) days. Please add dates.

  3. Guilty of staying in an airconditioned room the whole day and stressing over work. .. Should I saw 6 days a week? on a regular basis. haha!:D

  4. so so far, last night i wasn't able to get enough rest because i was just so worried of Nate's condition considering the tornadoes hitting Oklahoma yesterday. :( so yesterday I honestly only did number 7. ( May 26, 2011 - day 1 )

  5. I dont have any neutoregna products yet. But I sure am guilty of staying in an airconditioned room and stressing (about work or whatever it is). Haha! ;p.

    S3, i joined ur fb contest. Pls ignore the " those are" words below. Stupod toucj screen. Haha! I'm sure you know what i mean coz ur noq enjoying ur new baby phone! Weee! :)

  6. i am guilty of all those five activities. i am a coffee addict, hehe

  7. 26 MAY 2011 (DAY1): Last night I slept around 2am browsing the net.*LATE SLEEPING HOURS* is normal in our family. Woke up 5am and before 6am I have to leave for work that early. All that's left for me to do is put a decent dress and fix myself 'cause I don't want to be caught up in traffic going to Makati (I'm from Las Piñas)*I SKIPPED MY BREAKFAST* once again which I do for the past 5yrs. Upon arriving at the office I take on my daiy dose of caffeine (*MY CUP OF COFFEE*). I need it to give me the energy for the entire working hours. Our office is the typical office in Makati, located at the high rise building and *FULLY AIRCONDITIONED* I have to stay in this room for 9hrs on regular days ++ if we need to render overtime. 12:36pm Past lunch time, I still have to work on some papers which opted me to *SKIP MY LUNCH ONCE AGAIN*. 3pm I decided to grab a bite. Went down the convenience store buy a meal and ate, went to nearby *COFFEE SHOP TO WAIT* for my colleague to finish her macchiato. We were there for good 15-20mins chatting:)

  8. Btw, you should not say "down below" coz it's redundant. Instead, you just say "Leave a comment BELOW and tell me which of these activities are you most guilty of doing..."


  9. AS OF 5/26/11, 7:45PM ALL COMMENTS ABOVE ARE NULLIFIED. Please go to this link to re-enter this challenge.

    Iya and Ermilyn: your entries here are correct. :) Please transfer them in the form that I prepared for you guys.

    Achi Char! I saw your entry! Thank you so much. And yeah I get what you meannnn!!! Hahah! Can't wait to see you again!

    Anonymous, thanks for making me realize that!!! :)

  10. Cool!! I'd love to see how it turns out!

  11. I hope I did it the right way~ Submitted it just now. I'm excited on this one!

  12. Hi Mich! Thanks :)
    Hi Genn! I'm pretty sure you did. :D