Sunday, May 29, 2011

Changes: Neutrogena Giveaway & My 20th Birthday Giveaway

Good morning, everyone! I apologize for constantly changing the mechanics for my giveaways, but I really have to do a few modifications. Please take time to read this post very well as I try to explain as clearly as possible.
My Neutrogena Giveaway (where you have to answer the question: “How did you come across my blog/s and what do you like most about it/them?) originally had the newest product from Neutrogena as the prize, while the Neutrogena: Defy Skin Dehydration 5-Day Challenge requires you to go through 5 days of skin-dehydrating activity-observation for you to be able to win something from me.
After a few days of reviewing the submitted entries and contemplating, I finally reached the decision to require all those who want to win the latest product from Neutrogena (and be the one among the firsts to try it out) to go through the 5-Day Challenge. I want to make sure that the people who will join this giveaway sponsored by Neutrogena will prove and show to me that they deserve to win it by going through the challenge. (The mechanic is clearly more relevant to the prize, right?)
All you need is (5) DAYS! Just observe if you’ve done any dehydrating skin activities (drinking coffee, staying in an air conditioned room, skipping lunch, stressing over work, staying under the sun, hanging out in coffee shops, skimping on sleep) and briefly tell me about it. If you want any reference, I am currently on Day 3 of my challenge. You can view my post here. You just have to complete this form right here and submit on your 5th day! Everything you need is on the form that I created.
OKAY OKAY OKAY! I know you’re going to ask me, “What about the entry I submitted??? (answering the question: How did you come across my blog…) You don’t have to worry! You’re automatically entered in my 20th Birthday Giveaway! Now, see here, I’ve screen-capped everyone who has entered since the day this giveaway opened. If you still want to win the newest product from Neutrogena, you have to go through the challenge (see: paragraph before this one) However, if you feel content in joining my 20th Birthday Giveaway instead, you can choose to not do the challenge anymore. (PLEASE CLICK TO ENLARGE)
I am giving ample time for everyone to adjust to these changes because I know it is my own responsibility to do so. (1) ONE WINNER WILL BE RANDOMLY SELECTED VIA (make sure you comply with all the requirements in the form!)
The NEUTROGENA GIVEAWAY will end on June 12, 2011 at 11:00PM (Monday) this gives you May 29-June 12 to complete the challenge (which just takes 5 days!) I am giving 15 days to everyone else who wants to enter (including the people on the photo above). I’m pretty sure 15 days is enough, darlings.
Read on…
Now let’s talk about my 20th birthday giveaway. I am turning 20 on June 6, 2011! And I want to treat two (2) lucky readers of mine to brunch and a pampering session. To enter this, you just have to:
  1. Answer the question “How did you come across my blog/s and what do you like most about it/them?”
  2. Like my fan page in Facebook by clicking here. (purposes of winner notification)
  3. Follow me on Twitter by clicking here. (purposes of winner notification)
To submit your entry in this giveaway:
  1. Email your answers at with the SUBJECT: Say’s 20th Birthday Giveaway Entry (Name, email address, contact number, Twitter ID, answer)
Again, all the contestants in the photo above are automatically entered in this giveaway.fbTwo (2) lucky readers of mine will be chosen by myself (personally) and will get to have brunch with me at my favorite French restaurant, The French Baker. Afterwards, we will be having a Perfectly Polished Manicure (each) at the Perfectly Polished Nail Salon and Spa.
DEADLINE OF SUBMISSION OF ENTRIES WILL BE ON the day of my birthday, JUNE 6, 2011 11:00PM (Monday). Winners will be announced shortly after.
I hope I made myself clear with this entry. Should you have any questions or clarifications, don’t hesitate to comment below or email me at
Have a blessed Sunday!