Monday, April 18, 2011

░ Tag Vlog: Usual Everyday Routine ░

Normally, I would wake up at around 11AM-1PM. 1PM being the latest if I sleep really late.
I'd have a quick bite for breakfast (have a cereal bar, usually)
Clean the room the "Lindsay Way" (make it spotless clean)
Take a bath (first bath for the day)
Have another meal (late lunch)
Watch DVD's, go online, upload videos, surf, blog, organize bookings...etc.
At around 3/4/5PM (with 8PM being the latest) I do my workout.
Visit for awesome workouts!
Immediately after working out I shower (second bath for the day)
I have my dinner.
Go online again until the wee hours.
Sleep at 2/3/4/5/6AM being the latest. (Hey, it's summer anyway!)
I tag everyone to do this!


  1. I sleep and get up at around those times too. My sleeping habits are so screwed up. Haha

  2. This is soo cool! I wanna do this too! :)

  3. wow, these are reasons why I really miss college..huhu! When you are working na kasi you really have to sleep for tomorrow's work and no summer vacation :(

  4. Hahahah! With that said, I'm gonna enjoy my childhood!!! :) Thanks for reading Jenggay!