Thursday, April 28, 2011

░ Makeup Haul: Etude House + Wet 'N Wild ░

Little haul that I forgot to blog about. It was a random day and I didn't really plan on buying anything. And somehow I ended up with things to bring home. First stop at Etude House.
I got the following:
  1. Headband/wrap which costs PHP 98.00
  2. Eyebrow/face shaver which costs PHP 58.00
  3. Oh m'Eye Lash Double Up Volume Mascara which costs PHP 128.00

Second stop at the Department Store, Wet 'N Wild counter. They were having a sale on some items and I decided to get this shimmer bronzer in 741A Princess shade. Down to a fraction of the original price! Got it for PHP 254.00. They also had the matte kind, so take a pick! I'm not sure if they're still on sale, though. I bought these about a week or two ago.

A little swatch.

Watch my haul video here:


  1. I love your look in this video.. not your usual pinkish look.. subtle all over while the smokey gives drama to your eyes..
    good find for the wet n wild bronzer.. :-)

  2. Hi Cherrey! I'll keep that in mind! :) Thank you!!! :) The bronzer is great!

  3. Wow, I love Etude House! Although their stall at SM Cubao is kinda incomplete, i still visit it! Haha! Did you see any of their Bubble Hair Dyes? I really want to try those. Hehe :)

  4. Hi Iya! Bubble Hair Dyes? I've heard of thoseeeeee!!! I wanna try too! :)

  5. Yeah, me too! Sadly, Prettia/Liese is not locally available :( When I heard Etude House has their own version, i got excited! :) I'm not sure if our local Etude carries them though.

  6. Hi Have you tried their bb cream? Check out my review if you wanna try it on at

  7. My sister knows an online site that sells those!!! I'll ask her. ;) Hi Romatswe, haven't tried!