Saturday, April 16, 2011

░ Makeup Gig: Pre-Debut Shoot @ Cristina Villas Mountain Resort ░

All Rights Reserved (Photo by Mr. Macaraeg)
 Last Monday, the eleventh of April, I was given the chance to work on a pre-debut shoot that was held at Cristina Villas Mountain Resort in Antipolo. It was actually the very first time I accepted a gig that far and stayed for the whole duration of the shoot which was about 5-6 hours. I felt like I was on a vacation because the venue was really nice! With the exception of the steep walkways, of course. 
I worked on my debutante, Raiza, who was such a pleasant person to be with! She did nothing but smile and laugh all throughout the shoot! She worked it! She's such a natural when it comes to photo shoots. Her spirit was so high that it's contagious. It was really fun working with her. 
Elaiza was really kind to take shots of myself and Raiza while doing the makeup. She reminded me of Paulo's cousin, Stephanie! They look so identical! 
Minimal coverage on her face was needed. We started out with a simple look and packed on the E/S after 2-3 looks.
 LOOK #2
 LOOK #3
 LOOK #4
 LOOK #5
I had a lot of fun chatting with the photographers from WarmLights Studio, Mr. and Mrs. Macaraeg and Elaiza, Raiza's cousin. They all made me feel "at home". No pressure! It was like working with people I've known for decades.

When it was time to start shooting, Raiza's daddy was also there to take shots of her! It was really cute to see how supportive her parents are! Raiza's mom is such a cool mom, she was actually the one who told Raiza how to pose and the likes. They looked so perfect together as a family! I couldn't help but smile while watching (and taking shots as well). Her parents are really proud of Raiza! Who wouldn't be? She's a Dean's Lister in Ateneo de Manila University!
We shot until sunset and wrapped up the shoot with water shots. Raiza's makeup stayed for a maximum of 8 hours (EVEN WHEN SHE GOT WET ALL OVER!) It's amazing! I did not retouch her makeup, even! *Primer is really the key!*
Before having dinner, with the Macaraeg Family
Photographers, HMUA and Model
After packing up, we all went to have dinner @ Cloud 9 which has the most wonderful cliff overlook of the whole city with the night lights! It was such a beautiful sight to see. Dinner was also lovely! We had generous servings of soup, kare kare, pork, chopseuy, rice, and the likes. We were even serenaded by a trio! It was so relaxing to hear them sing after a long day's work! I am SO going back there! Such a relaxing place to be.
  • Located at Kelly Heights Comp. Sumulong Hi-Way, Brgy. Sta. Cruz, Antipolo


  1. I used to live in Antipolo and I havent been back there for 7 years now. I miss it.

  2. good job (as always) in doing her make up and she is pretty too. Aww I remember that cloud9 that is where our first date ni hubby before when we were bf/gf pa lang haha you made me reminisce tuloy. hehe!

  3. Hi Rie! I must say, Antipolo is amazing. :)
    Jenggay thank you so much! :) Awww Cloud 9! Such a romantic plaaaace!!! :)

  4. Wow! Great job! You're really talented, Miss Say. :) I too had a makeup gig just a while ago for a photoshoot! Hehe. I'll be posting about it soon, i hope you could visit my blog too. I hope someday I could be as good as you! You serve as an inspiration for me to do better. Hehe. :D

  5. Hi Iya! I'm checking out your blog right now. :) Of course you'll become a better HMUA! We all improve! Thank you soooo much for saying that. :) An inspiration to you? Aww. That really made my day. :D

  6. wow, she looks like 12. hahaha sooo cute! great job say! i loved the fairy make up =)

  7. Thanks Mich!
    Hi Joice! Yeah! The first thing I actually told her was "Mage-eigteen ka na ba talaga?!"

  8. Aawww Say, she looks so pretty. And it looks like you had so much fun in the shoot!

  9. Hi Charrr!!! Thank you so much! I DID have so much fun. :)

  10. All of these images are looking so beautiful, thanks for the sharing.

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