Thursday, April 28, 2011

░ Beauty Tutorial: Keri Hilson Inspired Look ░

I promised myself I'd come up with a better and more challenging look to recreate today. I did not post a photo of this look with the reference photo side by side (like I usually do when I do looks inspired by celebrities) since people would quickly judge how different the looks are and immediately say that I did not recreate the look well. Multiple points are to be considered: my hair, my skin tone, my face shape, eye shape, and the E/S that I used, even. I've said it a million times, inspired looks are not the exact ones. 
I really had fun doing this look. Given that it was freaking 35 degrees in Manila while I was filming. I was in an air conditioned room but still the heat was reaaaaally too much. I had to keep myself from sweating else ruin all my foundation work. If you've noticed, I've been skipping doing my brows, concealing and foundation in my tutorials. I just figured it would be great to get on to the look right away! Also, I have been trying to stick to tutorials less that 5 minutes long. I was watching my really old videos and I must day I'd give myself an F. So now I'm working for A's! 
This photo of Keri Hilson totally caught my attention. She looks really sexy, fierce and daring! I love how she was holding a lipstick for a cigarette. I just had the strong urge to recreate the look after examining the photo well.
I basically wanted to focus on the extreme cat eye look that Keri is wearing in the photo. I tried to replicate the eye shadows but I know I did a pretty bad job; nevertheless I think I pulled the whole look together. 

Products and procedures in order:
  1. Dollface Concealer #3 + Marionnaud Foundation Brush
  2. Nichido Foundation Stick in Beige 
  3. Nichido Bronzer in Go Bronze (if you noticed, by body is kind of shimmering--it's because of this. Dusted it all on my chest, shoulders and arms using my Dollface Face Brush)
  4. Maybelline Clear Smooth Extra Powder Foundation in Sand Beige (to set the foundation in)
  5. Maybelline BrowDefinist by EyeStudio (for the brows; wax+E/S)
  6. Nichido E/S in Electric Pink (first E/S on the lids)
  7. Nichido E/S in Seashell (second applied over the pink E/S)
  8. Dollface 88 Earth Color Palette Gold E/S on the outer V + Marionnaud Pointed E/S Brush
  9. Dollface 88 Earth Color Palette Gray E/S over the gold E/S
  10. Dollface 88 Earth Color Palette Silver E/S on the corners of the upper portion of the nose bridge (watch the video, you'll understand what I'm saying better in there OR look at Keri Hilson's photo)
  11. Dollface 88 Earth Color Palette Pearl Gold E/S swept from the inner corners of the eyes upward until the middle portion of the lids, sweep the color outward.
  12. Dollface 88 Earth Color Palette Gray E/S to use for creating the obvious cat eyes. Blend well with the crease color, sweep out for a subtle finish.
  13. Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner to create a solid cat eye, and to outline the whole shape of the eyes. Take your time in this one. Clean up using a Q-tip. Create a second wing on the lower lash line. Sweep out for a subtle effect.
  14. Shawill Faux Lashes (add full lashes on) + Lash Grip (glue)
  15. Curl and apply mascara (E.l.f. Mechanical Lash Curler and Maybelline Long Extreme Stiletto Mascara)
  16. Contour your nosebridge (Dollface 88 Earth Color Palette Brown E/S)
  17. Wet 'N Wild Bronzer in Princess 741A (to sculpt the cheeks and face)
  18. The Body Shop Roseflower Blush in 02 for the blush + Marionnaud Blush Brush
  19. Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Skin (first layer of lip color)
  20. Beauty Treats Lipstick in Pink Frost (second layer of lip color)

I had fun doing this pose (as a matter of fact you'll see more of this pose as you scroll down)  And just for your information, I don't smoke, so if my hand looks weird to you, just laugh it off. 
Thanks to my wonderful sister, Iza for lending me the blue beaded necklace!

I have to work on blending much more through my hair line. (I know, I know.)
Blank, lifeless stares--I'll never get tired of. Gives photos such attitude and drama.

How the eyes look like when the lids are down. 
The smoking pose...yet again. 
Just a head's up, the Beauty Treats Lipstick in Pink Frost is still available for sale BUT with a different packaging already. I know the studs are lovable--and I don't understand why they changed it.
Any form of comment will be entertained. And I'm thanking everyone in advance for reading this entry and for submitting comments/feedbacks. 
Please watch the video here, it will only take 5 minutes (or less) of your time. 


  1. I love this tutorial for a lot of reason.
    1) it's different from all your tutorials.. coz recently I noticed you love to apply a lot of pinks..
    2) this makeup looks great on you
    3) your eye makeup is sophisticated
    4) everything else is subtle and your eye makeup says it all

  2. Khaori, thank you!!! :)
    Cherrey! I saw your comment on FB as well! You are so sweet! With all the reasons and stuff. Haha! Thank you so much. :)

  3. No prob. :) ur one of the great filipina beauty guru.. keep it up!
    Btw, I followed your blog & twitter for more updates of yours.. :)
    If you dont mind you can follow me back on my blog & twitter..


    Khaori <33

  4. Hi Say!

    I seldom comment but I've been a follower for a while now.. I must say I love you na!! (not the lesbian type ha..) haha.. I really like this because of the effort na din on the hair and outfit. Love the denim vest! :))

    And I just want to add that I admire your attitude - constantly seeking for improving and challenging yourself. I'm sure it's not just for makeup but in other matters as well.. You inspire me to do the same.. Keep it up! ^_^


  5. Khaori I LOVE your blogggg!!! Just followed! :)
    Hi Dioana!!! :) Thank you so much!!! Hahaha I'm really trying hard to improve, I'm not the best but I'm trying. Thank you so much!!

  6. @Say Thank you. Glad you like my blog :)
    Tweet ya soon <33

  7. Wow I love this look! It's totally wearable and the light pinks are so awesome and subtle that it makes your eyes pop. :)

  8. Parang walang piagbago sa ibang looks mo ..

  9. Hi Elaine! Thank you! Glad you liked it! ;)
    Anonymous, you really think so? ;)
    Angel thank you! :)

  10. you are so pretty! the eye makeup is stunning. love it :)

  11. Wow! You're sooooooooo pretty miss Say! I love the makeup! :D


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  13. OMG that looks so gorgeous darling.. Shame you don't actually smoke :(