Wednesday, April 27, 2011

░ Beauty Tutorial: Julia Montes Inspired Look ░

I just thought it would be fun to surprise everyone with this tutorial (particularly Filipino-viewers). I've been receiving constant "You look like Clara from Mara Clara!" comments and I actually never knew who Julia Montes was, then. I consulted Google and I can't really see any similarity! Do you? Either way, Julia is a promising actress, beautiful and talented! Her features are really lovely. I'm not a fan of Mara Clara but I definitely think Julia Montes is worth doing a tutorial on. 
The photo of Julia above was the largest I could find via Google, so pardon it if it's a bit blurry. I tried my best to pose like her--and I must say...not my best angle.
Julia's look is really neutral and simple (in the photo above). The tutorial video will only take 3 minutes tops, I promise! 

Products I used:
  1. Dollface 88 Earth Color Palette (brown and black E/S) for eyes and contouring
  2. E.l.f. Mechanical Lash Curler
  3. Maybelline Long Extreme Stiletto Mascara
  4. Nichido Mousse Blush in Mocha Souffle
  5. Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in SKIN
Other products I used:
  1. Nichido Foundation Stick in Beige
  2. Dollface Concealer #3
  3. Maybelline BrowDefinist by Eyestudio
  4. Maybelline Clear Smooth Extra Powder Foundation
  5. FS 2-Way Cake in Orleans
I'd recommend this look for everyday! Looks really natural and fresh.
Now, for more photos...
Up Close

  And then I tried tying my hair...

Watch the video here:


  1. I'm sure you can see the difference between this, and your OOTD/jejemon entry last time.

    i like you here, and it everything looked natural and not trying hard as i put it.

  2. Nice! Very Pretty! I really like Julia Montes

    One thing though Say,...not to be rude but rather constructive...

    would have been perfect if your face tone matched your body tone...I noticed your face foundation is way lighter...wish you could do something.

    I really love your looks.

  3. You're so pretty! I've been following you on facebook but it was just now that I started following you here :) Take care!

  4. Hi Anonymous! Thank you, I'm glad you like this one. I'll try much harder next time (I meant on improving) :)
    Hi Cherry! Thank you! :) It's okay! I noticed it too!!! I will improve on it don't worry! :) Thank you for supporting my blog! :)

  5. Hello pinkmargarita! Thank you soooo much! :) You are so sweet! :D

  6. Love the lip color you used! :D Pretty, Say! :)

  7. you're so pretty! gusto ko tong look na to for you. :-) nice!

  8. julia montes is clara not mara., :))., but nice look miss say!.. :))

  9. Hahahhah I told you I don't know this girl. Hahhahah!!! Thanks for correcting me :D

  10. Hi. I would just like to correct your description in your youtube video description box, Julia Montes played as "Clara" in the remake of Mara Clara. Not Mara as you point out on your video's description. I think you mixed it out since Julia's real name was Mara "Julia" Montes. Just to point it out.


  11. Wow miss Say you're really pretty! I love your hair! :) Made me miss my long hair. hehe :)

  12. This is really nice! I'm usually a fan of MAC lipsticks and I hate EB ones because they chap my lips like crazy!!! But after seeing SKIN on you, I'm sold and I'm buying it! :)

    You are quite a talent in the makeup industry. Hoping you can do a tutorial of jeniffer lopez's usual look. Fresh and light. Emphasis on the nude lips. Then I'd be reblogging it in my blog :) Thank you!

  13. Hi P! You really should try Skin. :) I'll work on more looks the coming days and I'll definitely include that one. Thanks! :)
    Hi dematajemuel! Thank you so much for the compliment. :D