Friday, April 22, 2011

░ Beauty Tutorial: Eva Longoria + ItsJudyTime Inspired Look ░

When I watched Judy's tutorial on the look that Eva Longoria wore during the David Letterman show, I couldn't help but be inspired! I decided to film my version of the look using Judy's tutorial as a reference. (Thanks, Judy! )

Products used are as follows (and in order):
I started out with defined brows, concealer, foundation and powder on.
Brushes are all from Dollface Cosmetics (pink ferrule+ white handled ones), Marionnaud (black handled ones), and unbranded ones (black w/o nameprint)

1. E.l.f.'s Duo Eye Cream in Black Licorice (black cream E/S) 
2. MAC Beauty Marked Eyeshadow
3. Dollface Cosmetics 88 Earth Color Palette (Bronze E/S)
4. Dollface Cosmetics 88 Earth Color Palette (Cream Colored E/S) (browbone area)
5. Dollface Cosmetics 88 Earth Color Palette (Sparkly Silver E/S) *PAT ON*
6. MAC Shroom E/S (highlight color)
7. MAC Beauty Marked E/S (lower lashline)
8. Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner (Black)
9. False Lashes + Lash Grip (glue)
10. Nichido GNO Eye Pencil in Blackest Black
11. E.l.f. Mechanical Lash Curler
12. Maybelline Long Extreme Stiletto Mascara
13. WetNWild Bronzer in Princess
14. Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Mauvey
15. E.l.f. Super Glossy Lip Shine in Pink Kiss

Watch Judy's tutorial here:

Watch my tutorial here:


  1. Pretty! The liner is my favorite part! :-)

  2. i find all your recent looks looking the same. when i see this at random points, i wouldnt even think you were inspired by eva's make up. sorry pero walang pinagkapareho at all (though i understand that it's an 'inspired' look, and not meant to be all exactly the same as the inspiration look) but still, it looks just like regular make up done by you. nothing really special. sorry but i had to say it :(


  3. Hi Elibeth! I totally understand you. You don't have to say sorry! Thanks for speaking your mind. :) I'll do better next time!

  4. Wow, you just made me love you more. You know I like you so much and I love how positive you are with everything. I'm still a fan, I hope you know that! :-)

    More power to you, lovely.


  5. You are just the sweetest Elibeth! I really appreciate your constructive criticisms. They help a lot. Really. :) Thank you so much!