Wednesday, February 9, 2011

░ Makeup Gig: Four Beautiful Ladies for Prom ░

This morning, I had my usual 4-hour classes at UST. By 11:00 I was heading home already to get ready for my prom gig with some girls from my high school. Before having lunch, I had to go to Watson's to get additional products. Things I picked up: extra hold hairspray, bobby pins, combs, and I just couldn't resist to buy two new Marionnaud brushes for myself (I'll show them to you in my next vlog). After having lunch with my Mama, we headed to the venue. How sweet of my mom to accompany me! Makes me remember hatid-sundo scenarios when I was still in prep school and gradeschool. I love my Mama! She has been showing continuous support eversince I started with all this. I'm so happy and thankful to have her. And I know I have tweeted and posted about this already, but I'm gonna say it again, someday I'm going to repay her. Someday soon. 
Upon arriving, I was led to the living room. With all the huge sofas and tables. I presumed we were going to work there, so I laid out all my makeup, opened up my traincase and waited. Bernadelle was my first client, we had natural lighting. Iris' mom figured it was too dark, so we had to transfer to the dining area, with the fluorescent lighting and the red high chairs. Thank God for those high chairs!!! I didn't have to bend all afternoon, but I did stand up the whole time. No low back pain tonight! Remember the 22-cheerleaders gig? I was standing AND bending the whole time. Hence, the extreme low back pain that night after that gig. 
I allotted 1 hour per client. But then I kind of rushed towards the end, since time was kind of running out. I successfully managed to finish on time! With a few minutes to spare. 
One thing I learned today: How to style re-bonded hair. 

I wish I could show photos, but unfortunately, the photo posted at the beginning of this entry is all I can share. I wasn't able to film anything, nor take decent shots of the hairstyles since my hands were all dirty and I am just ONE woman. I really think I should get an assistant to record all my gigs.
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this little update from me!
More vlogs by the end of the week. 


  1. Say! you really did a good job.. winks* COngrats... =)

  2. Hi Asian Beauty!!! Thank you!!! Heart and soul I poured into this... :D Thank you so much.

  3. Are they from SJCS? I think I know one of them from the Xiamen tour I went to. :))

  4. Great job! They all looked gorgeous! =) You should probably ask one of your sisters to accompany you next time. :)

  5. I love how you did the eye make up for the last picture (the girl with baby pink gown) =) Keep it up! ♥hugs♥

  6. Hi Michelle, yes they are from Saint Jude. :)
    Sugar Sugar, thank you so much! Unfortunately they all had classes that day.
    Chinadoll, thank you for noticing! :) Hugs back!

  7. thanks atsi say! -charmaine:)