Sunday, February 6, 2011

░ Hair Tutorial: Easy Soft Curls ░

Here is a simple tutorial on how to achieve easy, soft curls using a hair straightener.
I used my JML ProCeramicStraightener, it has ceramic plates which heat up in just a matter of 2 minutes! Be careful when handling this since it becomes very, very hot, I tell you!
Now I know I have done a makeup and hair tutorial before using this straightener, but this time, I used the flip-outward method which I learned from Judy of ItsJudyTime (whom I met recently, and I still can't get over it). So, I was watching one of her videos the other night and decided 'maybe I should try this...' It ended up looking really amazing! So I now know that flipping outward is better than flipping inward, as least for me. I hope you don't mind, I only uploaded (1) photo for this tutorial. The other shots looked bad. My makeup was actually melting away in the video because of the heat from the straightener. I looked really tired in this video so  please pardon me, I'm still a little sick.
Steps in achieving easy and soft curls:

Enjoy the video:


  1. I so love it!!! ^__^

    Found out about your blog through Judy's YT channel... gyah! I wish I could have gone with you on the meet and greet... I will be adding you up to my blog list!!! ^__^

    I love you na!!! ^__^

  2. Hi Angela!!! Thank you sooo much! :) I wish you went!!! Thank you dear!!! :)