Tuesday, January 18, 2011

░ Update: Crest Toothpaste Available in Manila ░

After having a lunch date with my momma @ The French Baker today, we hit the supermarket. She was paying some bills when I just roamed around with my push cart, getting the things we needed to buy. I never miss the section where they keep all the products related to hygiene.
 Imagine my surprise when I see a whole shelf stacked with CREST TOOTHPASTE!
 I've been lemming on this product (even the toothpaste, not just the whitening strips) ever since I learned that Jarmaine of JlovesMac1 uses this to whiten her teeth. 
Same goes with Judy of ItsJudyTime. 
I actually asked one of my best friends abroad to buy a pack of Crest WhiteStrips for me but now that the toothpaste is available, I'm pretty sure they're gonna come out with the strips soon! I'm confident that they will. I am incredibly glad about this.
There was about 5 to 8 variants of Crest toothpaste displayed. Believe me when I say I stood in front of the shelf for a good 15 minutes just to decide which type to buy. 
Comparing and contrasting has never been so much fun.
 I ended up buying "Crest Toothpaste Baking Soda & Peroxide Whitening with Tartar Protection". For a single box of 181g, this cost P189.75. 
Not the regular price you'd pay for a toothpaste, 
but when you have wants, you just need to satisfy.
 I used it for the first time when I got home. This doesn't promise "WHITER TEETH AFTER JUST ONE BRUSH" (Does this line ring a bell?) so I'm giving it a little more than 'just one brush'. I'm giving this product a good two weeks before making an actual review on it. 
I'm also going to minimize drinking coffee, or anything with caffeine in it--or at least use a straw while doing so.
 I don't have a perfect set of teeth, it's quite an obvious sight to see! A lot of improvements to be made. I've never had braces before. I have a couple of teeth that needs to be pulled out from the upper teeth area (?) because they are getting crowded, hence the "hiding behind the teeth beside me" action of my tooth in my upper right teeth area. I do not know the terms for these things, but I'm pretty sure you're getting me. 
No photos (of the teeth). I embarrass easily. 
Especially considering this is one of by biggest insecurities. 
That's it for this update, ladies and gentlemen! 
We'll be putting Crest into the microscope two weeks from today.

"Crest Toothpaste Baking Soda & Peroxide Whitening with Tartar Protection".
 For a single box of 181g, this cost P189.75. 
Mall Location: SM City Manila


  1. Argh! I wonder if this is gonna be available everywhere else. I'm settling for the Close Up White Now for my whitening needs. Thanks for sharing! :D

  2. Hi Michelle! Would you like me to ship a tube to you? :) Please email me at saytiocoartillero@gmail.com

  3. i use this toothpaste too! :)and it works great!

    Following you! ;)

  4. SAY YOU TRY the crest white strips.. it works awesome. may nag bebenta sa fb..at so mura lng compared sa iba ;) i also use ds toothpaste

  5. i mean the scoop vibrant pala yung ginagamit ko now. at talagang pumunta pa ako sa bath room to check it..try mo yung strips say. 1600 lng 20pouches na..

  6. Thanks The Beauty Addict! I'll be following you as well. :)
    Mimi! Can you give me the link? I really want to try those strips. Trusted ba yung seller? I want kasi the original ones talaga kaya I asked my friend to get some for me. Shipping alone would cost me around 2K. Thanks for telling me Mimi! Please give me the link :D

  7. very trusted nman xa say kasi yung mag proofs of shipping nya hinanap ko talag sa fb yung nag order sa kanya.. at ok nman daw sa na seller at umabot nman dito sa davao yung order ko..from manila lng xa..pumuti talaga teeth ng hubby ko.. im planning to buy another box for my self ;) pero im kinda afraid to use it,kasi mdyo magiging sensitive na yung teeth mo,anyways thanks for following back.. ;) im not into blogging talaga..i just love to read beauty related blogs ;)
    heres the link. at 1500 nlng pla

  8. Mimi you've been such a great help! Thank you SOOOOO MUCH! :) The toothpaste is working for me! I'm seeing results talaga. I can't wait to order those strips. Thanks a lot again! :)

  9. youre welcome say ;) i really love watching your videos and reading your blogs.. keep it up
    and stay pretty ;)
    God bless

  10. Mimi! I paid 1500 and that's only for 20 strips lang. So 10 pouches lang. I thought 20 pouches for 1600??? :(

  11. do you know where else can i buy crest toothpaste? i've been looking in the internet and it seems they're just available online. :(

    1. Hi! I'm selling Crest 3D White Glamorous White Toothpaste; made in the USA. Shakira is the main endorser of this range. Read the comments in this album:


      I don't see anyone selling this in the Philippines as yet. I don't find this in any malls or stores nationwide. Message me if you're interested. Thank you!

  12. Where can i buy that 3d crest strips? Im interested.. Pls contact me 09367169338. Its a big help if you helpme.. Thank you..

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