Thursday, December 9, 2010

░ Update: ARTISTRY Experience ░

I was contacted weeks ago by an Artistry distributor, Mr. Michael Hilario, M.D. who also happens to be an anesthesiologist by profession. He wanted me to come over to Artistry's Experience Center and try out their products, both skin care and beauty line. I was deeply appreciative of the invitation and was able to push through with the set appointment (December 6, 2010) despite the traffic and not to mention, the lack of cabs in the roads. I had to attend an emergency meeting in the University of Santo Tomas after my classes so we moved the time schedule between 1 and 1:30PM. Little did I know that the meeting would take around 50 minutes! And they said it was going to be "brief". Anyway, we were about an hour late. Mr. Hilario, whom I call Meeko for short, was kind enough to accommodate us, still. By "us" I mean myself and my boyfriend who was such a darling and agreed to take the photos for me. 
He started by introducing the skin care line of Artistry and then went on with the beauty products. The line has products for both dry and oily skin type.
Here are the skin care products which I was able to try (used in order):
  1. Essentials Eye and Lip Makeup Remover 950.00PhP
  2. Essentials Hydrating Cleanser 1,385.00PhP
  3. Intensive Skincare Renewing Peel 4,900.00PhP
  4. Essentials Hydrating Toner 1,440.00PhP
  5. Essentials Replenishing Eye Cream 665.00PhP
  6. Essentials Hydrating Lotion SPF15 1,805.00PhP
  7. Pure White Spot Corrector 1,875.00PhP

For the makeup I've put on, here are the products (used in order):
  1. Hydrating Foundation in Soleil 1,470.00PhP
  2. Ideal Dual Powder Founation SPF18PA+++ in Brulee 1,615.00PhP
  3. E/S Starry Night on the inner corners of the eyes 805.00PhP
  4. E/S Charm on the inner thirds of the lids 805.00PhP
  5. E/S Tulle+Eclipse on the outer corners of the lids 805.00PhP
  6. Total Mascara in Black 1,010.00PhP
  7. Brow Define in Deep Brown 1,170.00PhP
  8. Blush in Rosewood 990.00PhP
  9. Lip Color Creme in Sophisticated 1,250.00PhP
  10. Lip Shine in Bloom 1,050.00PhP

I was extremely lucky to be able to try their newest product, the Artistry Intensive Skincare Renewing Peel. It has Mushroom Enzyme that resurfaces the texture of the face. I've never had any facial peel treatment before. I consider this my first, and it didn't have to sting, like what Meeko told me about the chemical peels and how they actually are. This product is appropriate for all skin types. My face honestly felt smoother, fresher and softer after just one wash. Sounds like a commercial? Well, that's just my opinion. A bottle costs 4,900.00 almost a 6-week supply of home face peel treatment.
The Hydrating Foundation impressed me. The coverage it gave was medium to full--perfect for my needs. Soleil was actually the closest to my skin tone. 
The Ideal Dual Powder Foundation (in Brulee) was also an excellent product. Set the foundation really well.
The rest of the products functioned really well for me. I was given a free sponge to apply all my makeup on. Yes, you heard that! Just one ARTISTRY sponge, and I was able to put on full makeup. 

My ever so supportive boyfriend.
Getting the chance to try a really expensive makeup line was really a blessing. I am indeed grateful for this opportunity!
If in case you, my readers, would like to purchase ARTISTRY products, please leave me a comment and I'll arrange it with Meeko. For in depth information on the products, please visit
Happy Holidays!