Sunday, December 19, 2010

░ Makeup Gig: Saint Jude Catholic School Sportsfest '10 Freshmen ░

Here is an official detailed entry about my experience doing the makeup of a cheering squad from my alma mater, Saint Jude Catholic School. December is the time for Sportsfest and you would know it if you're a true blue Judenite! I luckily got my biggest gig for this year when Jessika Sy, my sister's classmate (also from Saint Jude), asked me if I could be the makeup artist for her shobe (younger sister)'s squad. Jessika was also a cheerleader back then.
Her younger sister's name is Jenica Sy, she was the one I negotiated with regarding this appointment. Jessica and Jenica really look alike, and it wasn't difficult for me to determine whose sister is who! (see: photo below )
Initially I was asked to make up twenty-four (24) girls of the squad. I gladly accepted and knew I was in for something big. Problems occurred after the confirmation from Jenica, but all those were ironed out. It narrowed down to twenty-two (22) cheerleaders and everything was set. I set out for my appointment as early as 8AM on December 15, 2010. I sacrificed going to school for this gig. I missed four classes namely Accounting for Corporation, Business Systems Analysis (Computer), Macroeconomics and World Literature.

I DIED INSIDE WHEN I SACRIFICED ECONOMICS FOR THIS!!! But I knew I had to take a chance and just get on with it. In life, you will be faced with choices and left to make only one. You gotta know how to handle and weigh things as they come simultaneously.

It was silly for me to bring my whole train case and all my makeup. I have this obsessive-compulsive disorder which makes me believe in "it's better to bring it all than to leave something behind". That was one mistake I will never commit again (or try to, at least). It was very tiresome to carry it since it weighed like 10,000 tons! My arm (elbow area) actually got sore. Something with the nerves...all because of carrying that huge train case of mine. What's funny is I only used a few tools and makeup for them. 
 My concept for the team was "FIERCE"--as plain and as simple as that. I wanted to emphasize on their eyes and I am very glad I was able to. I got to see photos from their performance and the eyes really stood out. As you can see from the succeeding photos, I basically created highlighted inner corners of the eyes & the brow bone, contoured noses, green E/S fading out to extreme black wings, nice plain pink lips, a little blush on the cheeks, half-lined lower waterlines, and redefined brows

Here are the makeup products I bought especially for this gig.
1. Ever Bilena Advance Eyeshadow in Shamrock (green E/S) P100.00 - A perfect shade of green.
2. Ever Bilena Advance Eyeshadow in Cleo (black E/S) P100.00 - Quite an impressing E/S color. Vibrant and deep.

3. Nichido Two Way Cake Beige P150.00 - Gave a nice matte finish for the faces

4. HBC Essentials Sponges P24.00 - Working with sponges was less time-consuming compared to using brushes.
5. Ever Bilena Pro Flawless Finish Foundation in Golden - gave a good texture on the faces of the cheerdancers, it was also very easy to blend.  

For their eyes, I used E.l.f. Eye Primer which really helped the colors look more vibrant and alive. I used Maybelline Cat Eyes Mascara for their lashes and that really added more volume and length. For their lips, I used Maybelline Watershine Lipstick in P24. The highlight color I used was from my Dollface 88 Earth Tone Palette

My sister, Luiza Artillero, who came to accompany me and took the finish-photos of each of the dancers was my little elf that day, I am so thankful she was there to help me. I ran out of time and had to ask for help to finish the rest of the faces of the girls. I started at 8:45 and by 11 I still had 11 girls to finish. I was actually panicking but I had to keep my composure to finish everything. My sister, together with another dancer from the squad *see: photo below * (whom I recognized because she looked a lot like her sister [who is two batches higher than I am]), helped me put moisturizer, foundation, and finishing powder to all the other girls who still had no makeup on. I had to work on the eyes alone since it was the area of concentration. I was very glad to have my sister and the sister of Ailea to help me finish in time!

Here is another dancer who is the younger sister of my batch mate, Angeli. It was very easy to recognize the faces! And to think all their achi's (elder sisters) were also part of cheering squads before! *see: photo below  
 This is the younger sister of my batch mate, Javin Garcia. I always got to see her around the campus when she was still a little girl! And now she's all grown-up! *see: photo below *
Here are some of the photos from their performance. (Photos by: Bessy Ong)
I will try to find more photos and post them as soon as.

I hope you enjoyed reading this entry!
Happy Holidays! 
Love, Say


  1. they're sooo cute! :) the eyes look amazing. good job!

  2. Joice! Thank you so much! I'm glad you think so!:)
    Stella! Thank you so much! :D
    Lora! Thank you dear! :)

  3. thanks Say! :) as always, you did a very good job! :)

  4. Thanks Jessika! :) Thank you for the opportunity!