Sunday, December 12, 2010

░ How-to: Messy Bun (Two Kinds)░

Here is another granted request for my readers and subscribers.
This is a quick video on how I tie my hair up in a bun. I will be showing two kinds (although there won't be much of a difference between the both, only the positioning of the bun itself).
This is my favorite on-the-go hairstyle, especially on days when I have to accomplish a lot of things and run around here and there. Times when even my hair cannot get in the way! 
I hope this was helpful to you guys! 
Comment and questions will be highly appreciated.
Happy Holidays! 


  1. love your blog! I can't believe I just barely found it... I am sooo followin.. LOL... Filipino pride yeah!!

  2. Thank you Annettee!!! :) Yeah! Filipino pride!