Tuesday, November 9, 2010

░ Workout: Routines ░

Hey ladies! ♥ School is about to start again and what better way to keep in shape than to workout everyday? This may sound crazy for some, but believe me, this will change your life. I hope I will be able to help people out there change their life with these workouts from the workout blog and channel I have been constantly following for over a year now, BodyRock.tv
I am a witness to the effectiveness of those workouts. If you're wondering, oh maybe this is one of those bogus lose weight fast ads--you're wrong. All you need is strong determination and focus. 
I will be posting the workouts that I am going to do everyday of the remaining months of 2010 starting Saturday or Sunday this week. I will be including the reps I will be able to complete in a span of a specific time (if it is a workout under time pressure) and in a span of a given time not under pressure. 
Also, I'll be including the meals I'll be having down to the smallest pops of candies. We are aiming to lose the weight and keep it off. Having an online food diary will be much help to this journey. I hope you check back often and join me in losing 10 more pounds before the year 2010 ends

In the meanwhile, here is a workout I have for you if ever you want to start a little early. Everything is explained in Zuzana's blog, www.BodyRock.tv Please check it out.
Aiming for rock hard woman abs,
 ♥ Say


  1. nakaka-inspire ka talaga Say! mag woworkout na rin ako.hehe

  2. Yehey! I'm so happy I'm inspiring people! Thank you fallen_angel ♥

  3. kelan ka nagstart mag work out?:)

  4. @Twelveluck, November 2009. Read about it here: http://saytiocoartillero.blogspot.com/2010/11/biggest-loser.html ☺

  5. Hi Say :) I left you an award at my blog.

  6. This was so helpful!!! And I watch your videos in Youtube!!! :-) Glad to know you have a blog. Followed you. ;-)

  7. Glad this was able to help you EfrilLagman! :) Awww thank you sooo much for the support. :)