Sunday, November 7, 2010

░ Update: What's in My Makeup Bag? ░

I don't keep my brushes in here. That blush brush just got in there because I was cleaning up after filming. ☺
I've been meaning to do a What's in My Makeup Bag video since forever but I just can't find the right time to do it...until today happened. You will notice that I still have my Back to School makeup on. That's because I filmed this right after filming that one. Anyway I was in a hurry to finish because people were already coming and it's gonna be loud around the house once that happens. That loud bark near the end of the video was my signal to say "Bye!" Hahaha! Because my Papa was about to open the door already. I was filming in our living room by the way. 
So this 1:27 long video basically covered what I usually bring with me. This Hello Kitty pouch was a gift to me long time ago. It is quite roomy inside. I can actually fit a LOT of stuff in it.
Here's a list of what I keep in my beauty bag:
Pressed Powder 
(never loose powder, since that will create 
such a mess when it spills in the bag)
Lip Balm
(I choose one color for everyday)
(I choose a particular shade to bring with me everyday)
Lip Gloss
Eyelash Curler
(Which are instant eye openers!) ♥
Eyebrow Liner Duo Kit 
(with the mini tweezers and eyebrow brush inside)
(although I don't usually comb my hair)
Any eyeshadow quad 
(I actually forgot to mention this in the blog. Thanks to sweetkuromi for reminding me.)

Watch my What's in My Makeup Bag video here:


  1. holy macaroni! we seriously think alike! I was thinking of doing a what's in my bag tag blog tomorrow or on tuesday! :) this is so cool!

  2. Hahahaha! Go Marshy! I will look forward to yours! ☺

  3. i will do this too.. seems fun fun fun!!

  4. Go Donna! I'm excited to see all your videos!

  5. I love your hello kitty make up bag! :)

  6. i don't usually comb my hair too! but unlike you, my hairs curly messy and totally all over the place. i really love your hair!:)

  7. Love the bag
    thanks for following my blog :)

  8. Hey Joicey! :) Hahaha! I finger-comb my hair when it's about to dry. I don't really like using combs. :))

  9. Thanks for this really great VIDEO~! I love eyelash curlers and really need to use one as my lashes are so super straight and when I curl them they make my eyes look 3 times as big.
    My absolute FAV is the Hot Lashes heated eyelash curler. I read reviews on and got mine at their HotLashes site.
    Best curler ever!
    Super sturdy metal one just like the top notch SHU one that comes with a small pink heater base thingy. It heats the pad in my curler so my curl looks great and lasts for me till I wake the next day~
    Their site also accepts a coupon code at checkout Hot2 and offers a 15% discount.
    Best, ever, soooo worth the price, my Holy Grail of a curler~!

  10. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about that curler, Madison! ☺

  11. I love Hello Kitty!! Your makeup bag is sooo cute!! ^-^

  12. Cute makeup kit... My niece love hello kitty, she will surely love your makeup bag.

  13. I love the hello kitty case... saan mo nabili Ms. Say???