Tuesday, November 9, 2010

NOTD (Nails of the Day): Dotted Reds ♥

I have something new for you guys today!
I didn't film any tutorial whatsoever since I am making the most out of the remaining days I'll be having with my boyfriend, who is about to leave for Cebu (and live there for good)
I haven't worn makeup for two straight days because:
  1.  I keep on crying whenever I think about my boyfriend leaving Manila for good. 
  2. I want to let my skin breathe for a little while
  3. I am breaking out from PMS
  4. I don't feel like it

Anyway, I painted my nails after showering today and figured, 
maybe I should take photos and share it you guys! And so I did. 
I am naming this the "Dotted Red Nails" look. 
I am so not a pro with this nail thing. 
(The photo of only my left hand is proof to that. My nails on the right hand looks like a mess!) 
I have a friend, Kathleen Lim, who is an expert with this, though! 
Anyway, I used my Red Elianto nail polish (99.00PhP) 
and The Face Shop Nail Polish in BR801
Basically I just painted my nails with the red polish and then 
made 4-5 dots on each nail using the very light baby pink polish. 
I hope you enjoyed this very short Nails of The Day entry.
♥ Say


  1. hug for you Say, you guys can make it! distance lang yan ang importante you love each other. :)

  2. Thank you dear. Although I must admit, I am very very sad talaga despite all the bright sides... Anyways, thanks again! ♥

  3. you mean long distance relationship? anyway i love your notd :)

    hugs & kisses for you

  4. Yes Nadine. Long distance... We've been together for over 2 years na. And we've been inseparable since. Anyway, thank you dear!! ♥

  5. oh how cute!!

    atleast he's in Cebu. my cousin lives here in the states and her bf is in PI. but she was able to manage. it just takes time. you'll be alright.

  6. Thanks Ares. Awww thank you. I guess I just have to bear with it.

  7. this is sad. long distance relationship is hard, and sometimes sad. in my case it's a semi-LDR because i'm in Manila and my boyfriend lives and works in a far town in Batangas. we only get to see each other like once a month, not regularly though. even if I go home in Batangas, i still can't see him because his place is still too far. but you know what, we've been together (not literally, though) for almost 7 years now. :) it's hard but as they say, love always finds a way:)

  8. Hi Anna. Yes, it IS sad. Very sad. :( But I guess you are right. Love always finds a way. ♥