Sunday, November 14, 2010

░ Client Appointment: Mariel Go (Hair and Makeup) ░

Today, I had the privilege to make-over a friend and a co-volleyball player of mine, Mariel Go (whom I call Achi Mariel), for a wedding she was going to attend this afternoon. She booked her appointment 3 days before, making it easier for me to clear my schedule. I was excited because she was going to be my first client ever! I wanted to achieve this certain "afternoon made up" look for her.
She told me she'd be wearing a green dress with black details. Of course, nowadays, it's no longer beautiful to match the color of your dress with the color of your eyeshadow. That was my perception before, but now, it's totally not appropriate. I opted to give her a soft, smoky eye look using a combination of highlight shades, shimmery colors, grays and blacks. I lined her eyes with MAC E/S Beauty Marked instead of using Maybelline's Lasting Drama gel eye liner to minimize any mess. Since she's Chinese, lining her eyes and putting false lashes (I used Etude House's Secret lashes) on her made her eyes look bigger, and more beautiful.
I swept The Body Shop's Roseflower Blush on her cheeks to give her a natural flushed look. Maybelline's Watershine Lipstick in P24 on her lips, and I applied MAC Dazzleglass Like Venus over it to achieve a polished look. On her face, I applied a mixture of Maybelline's B.B. Cream and Maybelline Aqua Gel Foundation in "Natural". The shade was just perfect for her. I did not do any contouring since I wanted to maintain a youthful glow as much as possible. Her eyebrows are defined using Nichido's Eyebrow Liner Duo Kit (Black 01) and Fanny Serrano's #7 Angled Eyeliner Brush. For the foundation and application of primer on the eyes, I used Marionnaud's N33 and N34 brushes.  The primer I used on her eyes was Elf's Eye Primer. I wanted her look to last until the end of the wedding reception tonight. I set all of her makeup with Maybelline's shine-free face powder in Honey shade using Dollface Cosmetics' Powder Brush. I also did her hair. She wanted to go for curls, and that's what I went for. I sectioned her hair into 5 parts, starting with the bottom layer first to create volume. I separated the curls with my fingers for subtle curls. I finished the curls off with Raven Hair Spray (which smells amazing). A few spritzes and she was ready to go!

I hope you enjoy the photos! And I'm sorry for not updating too much. I am really busy with school I don't even have time to spare to film anything. I'll be posting my FOTD today (what look I wore for my appointment today), please check back later.


  1. volleyball player ka pala. You're so talented! I wish you more clients to come :)

  2. Thank you Anonymous! :)
    Fallen_angel, yes I was. I still play volleyball pero no longer affiliated with any team. :) Thank you so much! ♥

  3. The curls sure made the look cute! :)
    anong brand yung curling iron mo? Im wanting to buy one, yung around 2.5 inches siguro para mas malaki than what i have.

  4. Hey Joice! I actually wasn't able to look at the label of the curling iron since it was my client's. I don't remember na. Haha. You should check out the department stores. I, myself, am planning to buy a big hair dryer and a curling iron as well. :)

  5. Don't you think her foundation was too light for her skin? :/

  6. Hi anonymous. It's because of the flash from my digital camera. You'd notice that the shades fits her just right in the photo taken from a farther angle, but up close, it appeared more lighter.