Wednesday, November 3, 2010

░ Remedies: MAC Dazzleglass "Sticky Situations" ░

Hey everyone! I didn't film anything today, I headed out and watched Paranormal Activity 2 with Paulo and his brother and screamed my head off four times. Tell me your thoughts about this movie! Anyway, enough blabber about non-makeup related stuff. 
MAC Dazzleglass *Like Venus* submerged in lukewarm water.
Tonight I did a lot of cleaning & organizing (makeup collection). I had to throw, wipe, sanitize and categorize. Yes, you may not be aware that I have this obsessive-compulsive disorder. We'll get to that soon! But this entry in mainly for my MAC Dazzleglass.
So I store it away with my other lip sticks, glosses and balms in my vanity box (lying down, horizontally)  and one day I get hold of it and get the sticky product all over my hands! Seems like the product found its way to seep through the opening, thus giving me a difficult time to clean up. I tried storing it upright, but this stuff is too sticky it won't come down that easily. Anyway, I did not want to throw it out since I still have about 1/4 left! So poof! Came into mind was Michelle Phan's "Salvaging Your Lip Gloss" video. I've blogged about this before, you can see it here. So this trick doesn't magically make your gloss increase in terms of amount or anything, it just plainly makes the gloss melt down. I recorded a short clip in ulta fast-forward motion for you to see how this trick works! The heat from the water aids in the "melting down" process of the sticky product. After a few minutes I took the gloss container out from the lukewarm water, wiped the opening with a wet towel and stored it upright to avoid the messy situation happening again!
Got the same problem? Share your thoughts and try this method!  
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  1. hi say.. i use this method too.. very useful i even use this method on my concealers before.. :D

  2. thanks for info :) i will definitely try this