Friday, November 19, 2010

░ Client Appointment: Joanne Dizon (Hair and Makeup) ░

I am back to share another appointment I did with a client and a good friend of mine (she's my blockmate in UST). Would you believe she booked her appointment 6 hours before? Hahaha! Thank goodness my schedule wasn't full this afternoon. And because she's a blockmate of mine, I gladly obliged! I left the house at 3:55PM and got there at around 4:11PM. We started right away. She had to leave by 6PM, so I started working with her already.

1. First I applied Celeteque Moisturizer on her to prep her face for the makeup.
2. I applied Maybelline Aqua Gel Foundation in True Beige on her face, the shade matched her skin very well.
3. I applied primer all over her lids, as well as the areas which tend to get sweaty. (I'm not saying it's a proven solution to stop sweating on the T-zone, but this is just my way of doing it. It works for me!)
4. I set everything with Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free Face Powder in Honey.
5. I redefined her brows just to get a good definition out of them.
6. I used my Dollface 88 Earth Color Palette to apply a highlight shade on her lids. Basically I went from a shimmery white E/S on the inner corners of the eyes and the brow bone, then worked with silvers and grays towards the end.
7. I drew cat eyes for her. I used Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner and an angled brush from Dollface Cosmetics. I was so proud I was able to create such identical and symmetrical lines!
8. I lined her upper waterline with a black eye pencil from Nichido.
9. I curled her lashes using Nichido's lash curler and applied Maybelline's Hypercurl Cat Eyes Mascara on her lashes--which definitely gave more volume and length to her lashes! I applied it both on the upper and the lower lashes.
10. I applied The Body Shop's Roseflower Blush 02 on her cheeks. This really made her glow.
11. I applied Maybelline Watershine Lipstick P24 on her lips and lined it with Nichido's lip pencil in Rosette.
12. Lastly, I contoured her nose for a more polished look.
Before photo of Joanne.
In the process...
Ethereal, enchanting eyes.

Without contouring on the nose.
With contouring on the nose.

All made-up!
Don't you just love her outfit? I do!
I really had fun doing her makeup! Her skin is great! Hardly needed any concealing. We took a lot of photos before finally saying goodbye. 
I'm leaving you with these photo roll... Enjoy, ladies!

And then we went out to the veranda... The view was amazing...

Beautiful scenes make me wanna cry... :)

P.S. Watch out for my FOTD and OOTD for today + a surprise entry :)


  1. wow got me excited with the "surprise" entry:))

    I LOVE THE OUTFIT! i can wear this to work! haha:)) great job Say!

  2. Thank you Joice! Hahah it's just something about what my Mama gave me today. :)

  3. commerce ka pala, same building as mine:) i wish u more clients to come! and hopefully someday I would be one of them :))

  4. Hi fallen_angel! What year are you in? Thank you dear! Yes, hopefully someday! If you need to book an appointment just tell me. I would love to meet you. :)

  5. Im in my fourth year now. sana makita na kita in such a fan! :))

  6. What major are you taking? :) Let's meet up sometime! Hahaha! Paskuhan, perhaps? :)

  7. Behavioral Science. AB ako. wow! sure say! paskuhan will be good. I hope to see you there. :)

  8. Let's meet ha! Let's take a picture together. I'd love to meet you.