Wednesday, November 3, 2010

░ How-to: Using E.l.f.'s Liner Sealer ░

I recently purchased E.l.f.'s Eye Primer and Liner Sealer and people have been asking me how the liner sealer works. I have incorporated a short & fast forwarded video clip for you to somehow get how it is done. Nevertheless, I am still going to explain one by one.
Photo taken by myself.
Photo taken by myself.
The back of the Elf Eye Primer and Liner Sealer box says:
"Liner Sealer transforms your eyeshadow into a waterproof, smudge-proof liquid eyeliner.
Use the seal side and mix your favorite eyeshadow color in with the brush 
and apply to the lash line as a liner."
Now I have my own method of using this. 
1. I line my eyes with the product (which is in clear liquid form) as I normally do with liquid liner. *Note: You will feel a cool, tingling sensation upon application of the liner sealer.
2. I get hold of a flat makeup brush and load it up with my desired eyeshadow color.
This is the smallest eyeshadow brush from my Dollface 12-Piece Brush Set in Pink (FRONT VIEW)
This is the smallest eyeshadow brush from my Dollface 12-Piece Brush Set in Pink (SIDE VIEW)
3. I pack on the color on the area where I applied the liner sealer.
I figured it would be such a hassle to mix the two together since you'll have to scrape off the eyeshadow color of your choice and then stain the brush itself since you'd be mixing with it. So I came up with my own method and hopefully you guys would benefit from this short tutorial.
The two photos below will explain what I mean by "FLAT" brush. 
Unbranded and DF Brush (SIDE VIEW)
Unbranded and DF Brush (FRONT VIEW)

The liner sealer brush would be stained (because of the eye shadow you'll be having on your lids before the application of the liner) but at least it won't be TOO stained as compared to when you'll be using the brush as a mixing tool, right? I figured that my method is much more convenient than what the box says. 

The brush visibly stained (see: below)

To remove the stains from the brush, I suggest wiping it off with makeup remover or just plain wet wipes. Watch the short clip below.
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  1. i've never tried any e.l.f products. i think it's time to set aside of buying new bottle of smashbox lid primer. im gonna try this HAHAHA!!! natuwa ako sa liner sealer :)

  2. Hey Nadine! I'm going to do a separate review on the E.l.f. Eye Primer! Sorry I didn't include that in here. Anyway, how much is the Smashbox Lid Primer? May I know? :) Thank you!! :)

  3. okay will wait for your review :) it's P 995. Try mo din face primer nila I can assure you it's the best face primer ever price is a bit pricey (P 2,150) pero super okay