Saturday, November 6, 2010

░ Update: The Biggest Loser ░

I wanted to take some time off blogging about something beauty related. 
Here is another part of me I am about to reveal, and somehow, 
something that would inspire people to change for the better. ♥
I was 9 years old when I started playing volleyball. I've been a volleyball player throughout my  grade school and high school years. I know you're thinking, 'oh she must have those athletic features like those famous international players', but you're mistaken. There were times when I had long breaks from training and would gain a lot of pounds all because of emotional eating. I ate whenever I wanted to. When I felt sadness or anger, I'd reach for a pack of chips and a tall glass of Coke; I'd feel so much better after stuffing myself with junk food. I struggled for years because of being fat, being discriminated, and being the oddball. I looked like a mom because of my size. I was desperate to lose weight; I tried different kinds of fad diets. I would never forget the time I boiled a kettle of water, dipped in my "slimming tea" and used a straw to sip it all thinking I'd be a size 0 the next day. I ended up in the hospital because my ulcer wasn't able to take the tea I took. My next attempt to diet included diet supplements, a strict diet, and daily volleyball trainings. I felt victory when my weight dropped to 130lbs because of the combination of those three. 

You would think that was it, right? You're wrong. My health went from bad to great to worse. My diet went from being a stable one to a yoyo type! I ballooned up to a whopping 170 pounds when I was about to enter my fourth year in high school (sadly I couldn't find any photographic evidence because I have those photos saved in CD's which are stacked away somewhere). That was one of the worse times of my life. Chest pains would come and go. Again, indirect discriminations and insults from people. And then there came a point in my life when I wanted to change. I wanted to change. I wanted to be able to wear a swimsuits during summertime without having humongous thighs and grandma arms. I wanted to achieve something I knew was possible if only I persevere. I wanted to be able to fit into my clothes! 
I started cutting rice intake to 0% and switching to oatmeal. I worked out daily using my HipHop Abs video. I started dropping the pounds little by little. I made sure I ate fruits for every meal. I made sure I snacked healthily. It was on November of 2009 when I started not eating rice. I was 150 pounds back then. Months went by and I just kept on going and going and going. I discovered workout videos online and started doing them every single day without skipping. My particular favorite website that offers workout advices and videos is I kept a food journal and took down the meals I had and the exercises I performed. I am currently using my second journal already. offers a variety of workouts which target different areas of the body. I was able to develop a bit of abs-formation on my midsection because of all the strenuous workout I did everyday. I did these workouts without taking any diet supplements. I opted to lose weight naturally this time.
A photo I took after working out. Please excuse the sweat.
I performed a killer workout before this photo was taken.
There are a lot of times when I felt guilty for skipping and I'd workout twice as hard the next time. I just kept going without stopping. I actually kept a workout blog separate from this beauty blog, but I deleted it for some reason. I've performed almost 20 of's workout routines. I could not pass a day without working out. Even when I was sick, I still went down on my yoga mat and worked out. I was obsessed. But that obsession paid off. A year has passed and I am now a healthy 134 pounds (as of the last time I checked).  I stand 5 feet and 4 inches tall. I have a normal BMI compared to before. No longer in the overweight department, but in the NORMAL one. To check if you're normal, underweight, or overweight, go to this link. Just enter your height & weight and you will see the results in 2 seconds.
In this chart below, you will see the ideal weight brackets:

Ideal Weight
5' 0"97-127
5' 1"100-132
5' 2"103-136
5' 3"107-140
5' 4"110-145
5' 5"113-149
5' 6"117-154
5' 7"121-159
5' 8"124-164
5' 9"128-168
5' 10"132-173
5' 11"135-178
6' 0"139-183

What's the point of all this blabber? Simple. 
You can change the things you want to change only if you do something about it. 
What is beauty with a deteriorating body? 
Start shaping up and change for the better! I hope I was able to inspire people out there! 
NOTE: From now on, I'll be sharing my workout routines in this blog. I hope you stay tuned!


  1. you are super sexy say.. na inspire ako magwork out but with law school hindi pwedeng walang laman ang tiyan ko.. haay... how tall are you?? please tell me.. i bet you are way taller than i am. I still want to lose weight though.. i am 5'2'' and 114 lbs.. mataba pa rin for me.. ang weir dko noh?? but my tummy is bluging like crazy.. i want sexy tummy!! wahhh ang ganda mo before but you look so happy with your new figure your beauty radiates even more.. waahh..

  2. Hey Donnarence! Aww thank you so much. I'm glad I inspired you somehow... I updated this entry kasi I forgot to indicate my height and all. Anyway, ARE YOU CRAZY?! You look great just the way you are! 114 lbs is a normal weight for your height. Check the chart above. You're not mataba at all. With the tummy naman, I suggest you check out the site I was telling you about in this entry. Surefire way to melt the fat away. Just work on it constantly. :) Aww thank you so much for the compliments, Donnarence! ♥

  3. amen to that sis!! I once felt the need to gain weight. I dunno why I can't seem to gain weight and i'm underweight. I stand 5'3" and weigh 90lbs isn't that nice...I felt like a toothpick!

    but after a lot of tries, I came to accept my looks and that I really am petite. I am me and I wouldn't change that :)

  4. Wow... I was a little chubby too back in highschool. They teased me about my weight. Well, look at me now. Lol. You don't look 134. You look really thin. I weigh now about 110-112 lbs. I used to weigh 128-132 lbs. For a few months I went on a vegetarian diet. I love it but it made me anemic. So I switched to a semi vegetarian diet. I do yoga and running (let's join some marathon sometime if you like). Now, I eat like a construction worker and I don't get fat. Lol.

    You look great Say! Keep it up:)

  5. Marshy! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! ♥

  6. Akiko, hey! Haha I am 134. I have a lotta muscles from all the workouts I do. Anyway, yeah! Let's join marathons! That would be a great idea! Awww I envy you! I always wanted to be like that. Eat and eat w/o gaining weight. :)) Thanks Akiko! :)

  7. this is a very brave thing for you to do say and i'm very proud you made that step. you will surely inspire girls out there! nice entry. my favorite by far :)

  8. Thank you Ate Noe! I know right? It's kind of embarrassing to post those photos up, but what the heck...all for the sake of inspiring and empowering curvaceous women out there! And besides, I'm proud of what I've achieved. ;) ♥

  9. GEEEZZZ!!! I'm so inggit :( I want your flat tummy.

  10. Nadine! It took a lot of pains and tears to get that. :( I'm sure you have a flat tummy!

  11. sex-say! i love your abdominals! good job on this:)) you must be really proud because NOT everyone can do what you did, working out vigorously everyday totally takes a LOT of determination and sacrifice. i guess they're the main keys to losing those excess pounds! :)

  12. Joice! Thank you so much! :) I couldn't agree more with what you just said. :)

  13. WOW this post is so inspiring! I am currently at 120 lbs and 5'4. From 155 lbs :) my problem is, I have a lot of excess skin in my arms which makes them seem too big for my body. Also, I feel soft all over. I think I need to firm up my body. What exercises do you think should I do? Thanks!

  14. Hello anonymous! Thank you for finding this post inspiring. :) Wow, you're absolutely in the NORMAL bracket. To firm up, you just have to perform bodyweight exercises. They're all available at I tell you, this site is heaven. Just push really hard. :)

  15. Thanks for answering! How long did it take you to get to your shape now? Is this your desired weight?

  16. It took me almost a year to shed off those pounds. I'm actually in the "normal" bracket already, but I'm still aiming to lose 10 pounds which will make me 124lbs.

  17. GOOD FOR YOU!! This is very inspiring. :) It always makes me feel so happy when I see other people having the will power to change themselves because they want to be happy and feel better about themselves in the future. It takes a lot of will to stick to a goal like this, good for you!!! :)

  18. Hi Say,

    I would just like to thank you for sharing your success story and all about I'm a workout junkie myself, but has since fallen off the wagon around a month ago. Browsing through the vids in their site helped me get back on track as they bring back "fun" into working out. Now even if I don't hit the gym, I can workout at home. I love that there's A LOT of different workouts to choose from. Your discipline and determination in fitness is admirable. :)

    Once again thanks for sharing this and for the awesome makeup/beauty tutorials. :) I think I'm a bit older than you are, but you inspire me to always look my best every time.

    Here's to us reaching our goals!

  19. Hello Trina! :) Thank you so much for reading this! I'm so glad you're back on track. :) Thank you so much! Cheers to active girls!!!

  20. hi say :) you are such an inspiration for all filipina woman's like me because i do lack self confidence at times and because i used to be so chubby in my college years and i was the one to always be the "CHUBB GIRL" who gets laughed at when my co - colleagues & i have watched every makeup tutorial you make & specially your work out ,it made me pursue to keep my body healthy and gain back my self confidence to myself. You are my inspiration again say and thanks for sharing this and also for your beauty tips :)
    wishing you all the best in your life say.

    God bless you & Take care!

  21. Thank you for posting this Say! I'm glad you're happy with your shape right now. I also want to shape up and be fit. Thanks for sharing your workout routine! :) Looking forward to read/watch more from you!

  22. hi say! just found out ur channel on youtube. what's ur diet? me too, when i was like in my highshool days im really fat, but started working out, and the "NO RICE DIET" but unfortunately, my pounds get back when I started working. i ate rice again, and no work out at all.. can you pls give me an advice to keep ur body in figure. Thanks in advance.. :-)

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