Saturday, August 28, 2010

The DollFace Look Video Contest

The DollFace Look Video Contest

Simply interpret your idea of what a DollFace girl is into a makeup look! (e.g. A vibrant makeup look inspired by an idea of a confident DollFace girl)

1. Use any of your Dollface Makeup to achieve each look. Authenticity of each product must be verified by showing the DollFace sticker/logo attached on each palette at the start of every video. If product (such as gel liner and brushes) doesn’t come with the said sticker, name of the buyer will be cross checked with the client list. PALETTES MUST COME WITH THE DOLLFACE STICKER.
2. Only one entry per person is allowed. Valid for Philippine residents only.
4. Videos must show each contestant applying his/her own makeup. A video of only slideshow images is allowed. Each tutorial can only be a maximum of 10 minutes long. You can post your entry as a reply to this video. (see:above)

5. A still picture of the tutorial’s end result must also be submitted to summarize each contestant’s entry.

6. Past winners of contests sponsored by DollFace Cosmetics are not allowed to join anymore.

7. Audience can vote for their favorite looks on our Facebook page. Voting period will start immediately after submission of entries and will last for 7 days. Contestants are not allowed to vote.

9. Submission of entries will be on August 28, 2010 to September 25, 2010. Audience voting will be on Sept 26, 2010 to October 2, 2010.

10. Announcement of winner will be on October 4, 2010.

11. Three judges (Youtube Makeup Guru Lindsay Artillero, Professional Makeup Artist, and Pearl Sarcauga of DollFace Cosmetics) will rate each look.
12. Entries will be judged according to these criteria:
•Creativity (How inventive is the look?) – 25%
•Adherence with Theme (Is it executed according to the assigned look?) -15% 

•User-Friendliness of Tutorial (Is this something that will be easy to replicate?) – 20% 

•Viewer’s Choice (How well does the audience like the tutorial?) – 15%

•Over-All Impact (How put together does the makeup look?) – 25%

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