Thursday, May 13, 2010

░ Updates and Announcements ░

It's been such a long long time. No videos. No vlogs. No beauty entries. No anything! I guess I paid too much attention to working out and working, in particular. 
Now let's talk about my work. It wasn't a long term job. It was just a part-time job my friend tagged me along in. I worked as a model for Barrio Fiesta Manufacturing Corporation. I helped promote the products and simultaneously sell them as well. It was a three-day exhibition. The venue was @ The World Trade Center and the event was the International Food Exhibition 2010 IFEX (where BFMC joined). I had to be there from 9AM-7PM. High heels were required. 
Day 1: I wore Michelle Phan's Moonlight Seduction look
Day 2: I wore red lips & strong black eye wings
Day 3: I wore faux lashes and nude pink lips. Makeup played such a big role in those three days.
The IFEX ended successfully and I ended up having breakouts because of too much stress. This job was the first job I ever did! I was drained to my very core. I never thought working is ten times harder than studying.
I haven't filmed in weeks! I still don't know when I'll be filming next. Requests have been pouring since the day I announced my filming break in YouTube. People wanted me to do a must-have makeup vlog, some wanted me to review foundations, and the others wanted me to film original looks. I absolutely cannot do the second one since I only use one foundation and you all know that it's from Maybelline. Aqua Gel Foundation in True Beige. So I cannot do the second one. The first one, I might. And the third can be 100% done. I just need to put thing into perspective first. 
About switching foundations, I was in the mall days ago with my boyfriend and I browsed through CoverGirl's foundation selection. But I'm still going for Revlon's PhotoReady Makeup. I wanted to buy new lip colors from Beauty Treats and the concealer palette from E.l.f.'s Studio Line. I don't know why I didn't! I guess I wanted to save money for much greater things. Like the Lancome products I am planning to invest on this coming months. The Oscillation Powder foundation is definitely a must-have! I have a list of Lancome products that amounted to P7,000.00.
For the announcements, I just wanted to tell you guys that this blog will also include fashion posts. Clothes, shoes, bags, and the likes. I figured, I'm soooo into makeup--why not let my other addictions join the fun, too right? So I hope you all tune in and watch out for them. 
A couple of pretty shoes from SO FAB caught my eye the other day. And they were marked from 799 to 599! Isn't that just awesome? I wish I took a photo, but I didn't. Don't worry, next time I definitely will.
So that is probably it. I just wanted to wake my blog up! Stay tuned for fashion+makeup videos and entries soon!
♥ Say


  1. hi say! been watching your Michelle Phan remakes, and I love the fact that you usually use local products. :) you have a really nice blog here, i'll be linking this to my blog :)


  2. Hi Joice. Thank you so much! You are so sweet!