Tuesday, April 27, 2010

░ Beauty Tutorial: Remake of Michelle Phan's Pretty Prom ░

About two days ago, I filmed a remake of Michelle Phan's latest tutorial. She called it  "Pretty Prom". As inspired as I always get whenever I watch her videos, I put my heart into doing my version of it. I totally do not take credit for anything that I used in the video because I solely imitated what Michelle Phan did in hers. The only difference is the products. 
So for a more detailed tutorial (in blog form), please continue reading below:
I started with a clean face, moisturized with Myra E Daily Sun Protect. One thing I like very much about this product is that it leaves my skin really supple. That is an indication I look for in moisturizers. After moisturizing, I applied foundation with a foundation brush. Usually you can use your fingers, but oftentimes I opt to use the brush instead. As usual I used my Maybelline Aqua Gel Foundation. My shade is in True Beige and that is in #24. I've been using this foundation for such a long time now but as I've said, I'll be making the big switch sometime soon. My E.l.f. Foundation Brush is always the best tool that goes w/ applying foundation. Some people find it too flimsy, but I personally am contented with how it's built and all. A Michelle Phan trick: Apply the foundation with the brush in criss-cross motions. She said that this will reduce the streak marks. Never ever forget applying your foundation down to your jawline and neck. We do not want uneven skin tone. Nothing is more unattractive than that. I usually do not conceal anymore--I believe the foundation did the concealing already. It's been a long time since I've used concealers. So I move on to powder pressing next. I used loose powder this time, and a total face brush. I opted to use my Nichido Final Powder in So Natural and my E.l.f Total Face Brush which is a big rounded fluffy brush. Tapping a good amount of loose powder onto the cap is the best way to get the product out of the container. Swirl your face brush into the powder, tap the excess powder from the brush, and apply on the face by pressing the powder in. You will be able to see me doing it in the video above and in Michelle Phan's video, of course. The pressing method sets the foundation good and it will last longer than usual. After setting the foundation, it's time to redefine the eyebrows. As usual, follow the natural shape of the brows. For the eyeshadow, I'm going to show you a detailed photo of the last four columns of the DollFace 96 Color Palette.
So first you take the shimmering peach and apply it on the inner thirds of your eyes, then the shimmering purple on the outer corners of the eyes, then lastly the matte purple on the outer V. Blend away the colors softly. I used my E.l.f. Bronzing/Blending/Blush Brush for blending. Next will be using the white and black eyeliner. Michelle Phan basically applied the white liner on the lower waterline and extended the color to the tearducts. The black liner was applied below the lower lashline and extended also. This gives an illusion of bigger eyes. I used a new set of lashes for this tutorial. These lashes are really pretty & they are made with real hair. They're actually super cheap and I got like three pairs of them. As usual I applied them with my Playmate Lash Glue. After that, curling and applying mascara comes next. I used my Nichido Lash Curler and my Nichido Lash Defining Mascara. I used Nichido Liquid Liner to coat my lower lashes--this defined the lower lashes, but did not add volume, which is what we need. For the blush I used my MAC Sheertone Blush in Pink Swoon. I applied my Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Mauvey on my lips and added a hint of MAC Dazzleglass in Like Venus on top of it. 
So basically that's the whole look. Michelle Phan is my biggest inspiration ever, and I find remaking her videos such a joy. Some haters get bothered why I always make remakes of her videos and one even told me to create my own looks. Well, I do create my own--I just think they're ignorant enough to say whatever they wanna say and not check their facts first. People can be so rude at times. And I cannot care less about strangers' rude comments. I won't let them bother me. I am in YouTube to share my talent to people who actually appreciate it, not to people who try to bring me down. So, I am saying thank you to the people who actually appreciate my works. And to those who don't, then just shut up and leave my page! Easy as that. Let us all live a happy and peaceful life. I ain't here to please anybody. 
Here's the original video of Michelle Phan's Pretty Prom:
Love and kisses, S


  1. Oh damn! You're trying hard to be like Michelle Phan. Be yourself gal. It'll be so much better if you'll act just the way you are.

  2. Thank you so much for taking time to notice my blog. God bless you!

  3. I have a question... Dat picture below da video is dat you???
    if so there is a fb page dat has your picture...
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