Monday, April 5, 2010

░ Beauty Tutorial: Movie Date Look "Perfect and Put Together" ░

So here is what I've worn to the movies today. This was the look which I mentioned on my previous entry (My Sister's Keeper: The Reason Why I Wasn't Able To Film Today--read about this entry here) So basically I had a simple look with a little drama going on. Here is a detailed blog-tutorial: 

Step 1: Start with a clean face and moisturize. *I did my usual skin care routine and moisturized with Myra E's Daily Sun Protect with SPF15 + Pond's Lightening Day Cream

Step 2: Apply foundation and conceal imperfections. *I used Maybelline's Aqua Gel Foundation in True Beige #24.

Step 3: Set the foundation in. *I used Maybelline's Clear Smooth Extra Powder Foundation in Sand Beige.

Step 4: Start with the eyes. Note that I did not use any eyeshadow brush in this process. Load your middle finger up with an icy gray color and apply it on the inner tear ducts and the brow bone. Next, take a light gray color and apply it on the base of the lids (center of the lids). Next, take a dark gray color and apply on the outer crease area. Blend away with a clean finger. Be careful not to overblend--you want the blending of the colors to be shown, not erased. *I used DollFace's 96-Color Palette.

Step 5: Apply black eyeliner along the upper and lower waterline. *I used Nichido's Eye Contour Pencil in #01 Blackest Black.

Step 6: Apply faux lashes as close to the lashline as possible. *I used Essentials Faux Lashes.

Step 7: Take your black eyeliner (gel liners will also do) and line your lashline (over the faux lashes). This will make the edge of the lashes unnoticeable. 

Step 8: Re-apply the icy gray shade on the tear ducts.

Step 9: Apply blush on the temples of the face. *I used E.l.f.'s Blush Brush and E.l.f.'s Natural Radiance Blusher in Shy.

Step 10: Apply lipbalm. *I used Nivea's Star Fruits Lip Balm in Strawberry.

Step 11: Apply a pink matte lipstick. *I used Ever Bilena's Matte Lipstick in Pink Flame.

And voila! Try it out for yourself. It's very do-able. I hope you enjoyed this one. I might actually film this look tomorrow. 
(A photo sans the messy notes and arrows!)
Love and kisses, Say

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