Wednesday, April 28, 2010

░ Update: Michelle Phan...For Real ░

So I was on Facebook yesterday and was ecstatic to see a 'Michelle Phan commented on your photo' notification. It was Michelle Phan's second account (which I thought she made). So there I was screen capturing & tweeting about it. Until she got all weird liking all my status and even the photo of my dogs' vaccination certificates! She even wrote on my wall "How are you Say Tioco Artillero". My fellow guru told me she was skeptical about it and so was I! I decided to investigate and found out that this poser is a Filipino! A girl, perhaps. How I found out? Through Filipino "fan pages". I mean why the hell would Michelle join those and SPEAK in Tagalog, even (she wrote a comment down her friend's page I suppose)?! I decided to write a post on Michelle's first account about someone faking her account and was surprised to see message the second Michelle Phan sent me. And that conversation is this one right here. As you can see, her English is very very bad. Gosh I was really annoyed because I got excited over nothing!!! She clearly stole all of Michelle Phan's photos! Which is super illegal! I decided to tell everyone to join me and report this poser's profile and she was gone in less than a minute! The Facebook Team acted really fast and I thank them for that. Posers should totally be taught a lesson. I felt so disappointed and never thought that the real Michelle Phan would post a comment on my page ever again.
So you see, it was a normal day. I didn't film any tutorial or vlog as you all can tell. And then I checked my online accounts as usual and my eyes widened when I saw a Michelle Phan comment on my video! I was like, wait I have to check who this really is. I clicked on the name and voila, the REAL Michelle Phan's YouTube channel popped out! I became super excited! Finally! Michelle Phan everyone!!! That's like the sweetest compliment ever! I mean look at her comment! Isn't she the sweetest?! You will see the comment if you go to This is the link to my video Remake of Michelle Phan's Pretty Prom. I added this as a video response to her video so that is why I think she was able to watch this. I feel so honored to have a MICHELLE PHAN watch my video. That is like the greatest thing ever! Don't you think so? I do! So in this whole thing you can see how Yin & Yang works. I will forever remember this date! 

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