Friday, April 2, 2010

░ Beauty Tutorial: Katy Perry Look & Holly Ann Aeree Contest Look ░

Here's a photo of how my Katy Perry look turned out. 

I joined Holly Ann-Aeree's One Year Contest and here is the picture of how I looked like while filming the video. I wore my animal print scarf because it's one of my favorites and Holly has a similar one, in blue! I have mentioned that before. :) So, yeah this was also the very first time that I tried false lashes on. And turns out I really love how they look on me. It makes a huge different on your face when you wear faux lashes... Oh and a good thing about these lashes is that they're really inexpensive. From a local drugstore, and from a brand named "Essentials". I got three different pairs. And also, I bought a lash glue along with those. The lash glue is from PlayMate and it's such a quick-drying glue. It actually works great for me. And I plan to buy more lashes and use faux lashes often now.

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