Sunday, March 7, 2010

░ Beauty Tutorial: Pulling Off The Natural Makeup Look ░

I wore this lightweight makeup to school today. You see, I was running late and I decided to put on something simple. Something that would be really plain but noticeable.
I was aiming for a radiant look and I can personally say that I achieved it. Here are the simple steps to pulling off a great natural makeup look. Perfect for school, work, meetings, and even casual dates! 
Step 1: Start with a clean face. We don't want impurities to be hidden underneath our skin, do we?
Step 2: Moisturize. I use Myra E's Daily Sun Protect Moisturizer with SPF15. This means I get 15 times more protection against the sun.
Step 3: Apply foundation. I used Maybelline's Gel Foundation in True Beige 24. Conceal those imperfections. Dark circles, broken capillaries, blemishes, and the likes.
Step 4: Set your foundation with powder. I used Maybelline's Clear Smooth Extra Powder Foundation in Sand Beige. Be it compact, or loose--it is important to set the foundation in to create a matte & smooth finish.
Step 5: Curl your lashes. I used Nichido's EyeLash Curler. I swear by this tool. I am in love with it. See how long my lashes look in the photos?
Step 6: Coat your lashes with mascara. I used Nichido's Defining & Lengthening Mascara. This products does not clump. And believe me when I say it. This is one of my favorites, also. The 'not clumping' part plays a big role in my daily makeup routine. It makes my work easier.
Step 7: Apply blush. The pinker the shade, the more radiant you'll look. I used MAC's Blush in Pink Swoon.
Step 8: Apply lip color over lip balm. I used Nivea's Strawberry lip balm first & then topped it off with Maybelline's Watershine Lip Color in P24--my favorite shade ever. It's not to nude, not to strong. 
Step 9: Smile. The most important thing. 
Easy, right?  Well I guess that's it for my version of the natural makeup look. Watch out for my upcoming video! I'll be uploading it right after this.
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