Wednesday, March 3, 2010

░ Product Review: Makeup Cleansing Tissue ░

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"Rose extract is an effective astringent agent, which helps to soothe and relax skin, especially beneficial to dehydrated, sensitive and mature skin. Elianto Make Up Cleansing Tissue thoroughly removes eye and face makeup without irritating your skin. This pre-moistened tissue gently removes makeup impurities and is convenient to use anywhere, anytime. After removing makeup, follow by daily facial routine."
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After just about three days of using this product, I can say I love it! It really leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth! The fragrant smell is definitely a great thing, too. It's just perfect to remove makeup with. Try using it with removing waterproof mascara, and you'll see! I'll be trying the other cleansing tissues too, in Aloe Vera, Cucumber and Tea Tree. I think they'll be just as great as my Rose Extract one.

I would be very much willing to give their Mask Sheets a try, too! I'll be visiting Elianto again, very soon. And I'll let you guys know what I've purchased and how they worked for me. 

Check out! They have really great beauty products in here.
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